Monday, January 10, 2011

A Little Something Something...

First Blog.
Lets see, what do I have to say? A lot. Do I know how to say it? Not really. Am I going to try? Most definitely. What is my blog going to be about? Everything, mainly about me, like my interest in fashion, makeup, my new ventures, my goals, my dreams, my obsessions, and last but not least, my inner most personal thoughts. What do I want to accomplish by starting this? No idea! But here goes....

My name is Aisha Salman. I am 21 years old, I actually just turned 21 on December 17th. I am a freelance makeup artist. I just discovered, not too long ago, that being a makeup artist and designing clothes are my only two known talents. I used to design clothes in Pakistan, where I went to high school, and ever since I came back home to Los Angeles, I have had a dream to rekindle that passion. Saying, "I want to start my own clothing line," is harder in the US than it is in Pakistan. Well to me it is. In Pakistan, you can find fabric everywhere as well as embellishment shops. You have tailors who are ready to make anything you ask, all for an affordable price. Let me put it this way, in Pakistan, fashion is what fast food is to Americans. I want to incorporate middle eastern fashion with American fashion and create a monster. As far as makeup goes, I was quite literally born with a lipstick and eyeliner in my hands. I have been into makeup ( or should I say my moms makeup?) ever since anyone can remember.

My dream..

I want to create an empire focusing on natural beauty and affordable fashion and all at the same time helping women in third world countries. How you ask..? Well, if I had a clothing line, I would give jobs to women in Pakistan to create the clothes, which they can do better than anyone here in the US (no offense) and I would be paying them a wage that is not only reasonable coming from an employers side, but also more than sufficient for a woman in a third world country. Imagine, one days worth of work for one woman would enable her to provide a whole month's groceries for her family. Yes, labor is cheap in Pakistan, but don't get it twisted, Pakistan is rich in many ways, like the untapped world of fabrics . I want to empower women in Pakistan and hopefully help them help themselves at the same time. It's about time someone makes the middle east shine :)

But anyways, back to what I am currently doing, I am a freelance makeup artist. I was working for a really reputable company that I was obsessed with for more than a decade. But I quickly realized that there is more out there than this one company. I have found my likes and dislikes in this industry, and let me assure you, there is more to uncover every single day. I am now looking to fill my client book with names and find myself trying to come up with business plans. I am not sure of a lot of things in life, but I do know that I want to work for myself and I want to help others. What I mean by that is, I want to teach people how to show off their skin, how to feel beautiful while being natural and how to do it themselves, all in a time efficient manner. And if they need a personal stylist, well, I know how to shop till I drop too! I love making people over, when I say that, women usually say "well, I look like I need a makeover or what?" My thought always is, well yea don't you want to try something new and find out your new favorite thing? It might be that you use black eyeliner everyday and don't know that grey can make your eye color pop and the dark circles disappear.. or a different eyeshadow that makes your eyes look flirtatious.. or just learning how to spice up your daily look. Makeup, skincare, fashion and shoes are so vital for women.... why? Because trust me, it will change your mood, your personality and boost your self confidence. You don't have to wear makeup, but don't you want to learn how to take care of your skin and keep it looking gorgeous? And if you do wear makeup, don't you want to learn how to do it better? Or how to make your makeup look more natural? Well, that's what I love doing..

So let's see where this new business mind state and this new year, take me. I have so many plans.. but can I execute them? Stay with me to find out and share your ideas with me.